A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

StealthShifter is a text-based game (and my first c++ project), where you have to unlock the door to get to the next level. Avoid enemies by changing your appearance.
Created by Simon Reiser for Ludum Dare 35 (Compo)

UP - Move up
DOWN - Move down
LEFT - Move left
RIGHT - Move right
SHAPESHIFT - Change appearance
WAIT - Stand still
QUIT - Quit game

How to run the game:
Simply start the start.sh script (or start.bat on Windows) or execute "./StealthShifter start" in the console (if the script fails).


  • Changed level 6 in order to make it possible to beat
  • Fixed bug in "line of sight" code
  • Finally compiled for Windows!!


Linux 31 kB
Windows 1 MB
Source 27 kB

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